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Hey Guys, new to the forum. About a two years ago I bought a used Forester’01. Since I bought the truck I have been replacing part by part (CV joint, radiator, ignition coils(3x,) transmission, clutch, brakes) but now it’s the Engine and the steering rack🤦🏻‍♂️. I have new steering rack, power steering and hoses. Just need a motor now. Going to the junk yard and pull one out this weekend.

Here is my questions for y’all:

Can the engine come of a automatic transmission?

If I find a newer 2.5 motor, am I able to use it? I have 2001.

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I was a bit confused about what you were asking, but I think you are wondering,

"will engine from a vehicle with an automatic transmission work in my vehicle which has a manual transmission?"
I am going to say yes.

Others with more expertise on your generation may correct me, but I believe any 1999-2002 Forester engine will work.
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