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Hi All,

After researching for the last 2 days and finding some relevant information but then also not specifically detail to solve my issue I thought I would post here...

I can see from other posts that the 2001 Australian foresters had the obd2 port, but not actually obd compliant. Some work others don't ect...

The main post or problem I would love to get help in solving is what scanning tool, be it hard wired, blue tooth dongle, requiring a laptop or not, suits these models the best?

I had an issue with the car not starting and without the scan tool, I just started having an general look around. Bit of back story the car has 310,000kms on it but overall, the car is super neat and drives nice, it was a cheap temporary buy as I have relocated from Perth to regional NSW. I bought the car from a dealer and it has no history...

So anyway, I checked the plug lead and all 4 were full of oil. I pulled the oil and filter, replaced the valve cover gaskets and spark plug gaskets, replaced the plugs and leads and the car fired up without any issues.

Not even half a day later the car cranks, fires up then stalls within 2 seconds after its initial first rev. Then it cranks and no fire at all... there is a local Auto shop here I bought a Foxwell obd2 scanner and low and behold it powers up but refuses to connect. I checked accessory and other fuses ect, but it's all working, they are just not communicating. So I am assuming this proves the vehicle is not obd2 compliant.

The car now intermittently starts and runs, then decides not too. I can only assume without scanning codes it is a coil or sensor or possibly fuel pump. Working then not working. I am just worried I will be stuck somewhere in the freezing cold not being able to get home.

Since the service when it does run there are no codes and I am getting a very rich fuel smell and possibly an exhaust leak, the car runs sluggish too. When its deciding not to start it is showing an engine code but I can't read it.

And unless I am blind, I have the whole lower section and column cover off and there are no green or black connector test plugs anywhere!

Can anyone offer some help on how to read codes or possibly had a similar issue?

Thanks in advance

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