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I am kind of a newb here and I have searched but I am still undecided. I am a new owner of a 2000 Forester L and I am quite unhappy with the lighting. I am coming from a mkIII Jetta GLX with Silverstars and OEM Hella projector fogs. I am looking at upgrading my bulbs when I get my taxes back and I have a couple of questions:

1- can I adjust the aiming on my fogs?
2-which bulbs are the brightest and still street legal?

I don't want those crappy HID style bulbs because they suck and I hate being blinded by other people with them. I want good strong bright lights with safe patterns. I don't want to add a light bar or change the fog lights right now, I want to keep the look stock right now. I don't do a ton of off road driving but, I do alot of country driving on secluded roads so I encounter alot of deer and fog here in WI. believe the bulb sizes are 9006 for heads and 9003 for fogs. Thanks for your time!

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I am planning on upgrading my bulbs, we have very little street lighting here and very bad tracks/roads. I read this review in a respected UK magazine which recommends the Philips brand, you can take it with a pinch of salt 'cause the test was carried out at Philips research centre in Germany but I've heard good things about the bulbs.

They are constructed to higher tolerances than standard and produce a brighter light with two options 50% and 80% brighter, your choice.

Here's the review:
Make Light of Winter | Products | Auto Express
You can buy online here:
PowerBulbs - Car Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs, Xenon Bulbs from Philips and Osram, including Philips Xtreme Power and Osram NightBreaker globes.

Hope it helps!
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