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2000 Forester L
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Hello, first time posting here. I have a 2000 forester L automatic with about 59,000 miles on it. I recently had my pads and shoes replaced, and had the shop resurface my drums (rotors didn’t really need it, and I am on a tight budget). Braking power is normal and fine after.

The issue is a loud creaking/growing sound coming from the rear brakes. It doesn’t happen so much under normal driving/ braking conditions, but is very noticeable when shifting between drive and reverse, turning my wheels in park, and when release the brake pedal on a hill with the emergency brake engaged. I also noticed my emergency brake handle went up higher after the work had been done.

is there an easy fix for this sound? There’s no warranty on the work or parts, as I had bought the pads/shoes myself intending to do the swap at home, but ended up not having time.

hoping someone on here has the solution! Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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