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Heya team, been away from foresters for many years, having spent some time playing around with some very quick imprezas, but a change of direction has bought me back here.

So, I'm shopping for an sgxt Forester to go mudbashing. Now, 2inch lift kit is on the cards, but doing some research of late has led me to some interesting questions re: struts and springs.

Front struts, spring perch height from hub mount. Which has a taller spring perch? The SF or the SG?
Same question for the rear struts?

I'm looking at standard height heavy duty king springs, will get SG chassis specific ones as the front of an SG is a touch heavier than an SF.

Looking to mix and match struts to get the most from the spring perch to the hub mount, as 15 inch +15 offset rims are REALLY difficult to find locally, and our laws have tightened up a lot lately around wheel / tyre protrusion from the guard so 0 offset steelies are also out of the question, leaving me with the option of 16 inch rims, and the subsequent potential lack of sidewall that sizing presents.

Basically looking to shove the biggest rubber I can (ideally 235/75/15 or 235/70/16) under stock struts with lift kit and hd springs. Hope someone can help!!


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Which has a taller spring perch? The SF or the SG?
The SG for sure

I have a substantial lift with custom suspension and run 21575R15 BFG AT but they do rub a little on full right lock so I'm thinking to go 22570R15 or similar for new tyres (currently looking but cannot find any in stock ATM!)

More details here: (you'll have to register)
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