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What do you guys know of or think of this car? There's a local guy selling one dirt cheap, but it does need some work. Needs a rear bumper and a fender. Steering rack needs to be replaced and one cylinder is misfiring, but he says aside from those issues, the car drives fine. He said for the price he's asking for, I'll still come out ahead if I chose to fix and resell. He's right as I see prices generally in the $5000 area.

Looking at eBay and Craigslist, I can get a bumper and fender for under $500. Steering rack and cylinder issue I would take to the dealer. Figure no more than a $1000 to fix (maybe?). The reason why I'm intrigued is for several reasons. I need a beater because I park in a municipal lot every morning. In NYC, the parking spots are quite tight and I don't like driving my Foz there so that it can get dinged up. Secondly, my wife can't drive stick and this Legacy is an AT. Lastly, I want a car where I can learn to fix things and do maintenance. Rather not "learn" on the Foz.

What do you guys think? The price of the car is under $1000 with 130k on the clock. I haven't physically seen the car yet.
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