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2000 Forester totaled by blind beotch

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Well I got enjoy my 2000 Forester L 5 speed for a total of 5 months.
Driving to work in december of 2012, I was hit by a lady flying out of her tree lined driveway because she was on her cell phone and late for work. I was going 50 mph and t-boned her on the drivers side door.
I unfortunately have no pics, but the forester was totaled.
I received $6450 as payment and moved on.

Well I may be getting another one. 1998 forester L 5 speed.
I am excited and will hopefully be back here posting on a regular basis again.
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Welcome back

And that's subaru in a nutshell. You come back because you are still here to come back...
That is a very good point. I do have some occasional back pains and some scars from the exploding windshield, but I am pretty lucky overall.
2000 Forester totaled by blind beotch
"beotch"? What where? Thank you.
I received $6450 as payment and moved on.
That seems like a good settlement for 2000.
We had just swapped in an engine with 14k miles on it and replaced tires, front wheel bearings, brakes, and shocks.
I have all my receipts as well. I did not do too bad.
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