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My car has done around 65K miles, is in fairly good condition but I live in a hot country so rubber seals etc wear out quickly. Power light came on now and again flashing, (not engine warning light is not on) I used to leave the car overnight then it went off, then by the end of the day it had come back on again and was flashing. It is now flashing all the time, some said it might be one of the solenoids in the transmission any ideas? Car is Subaru Forester S20 2L year 2000.
Thanks Sue

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We had a similar vintage Impreza that did that. In that particular car, the power light was like a check engine light but for its transmission. On that particular model and year, you had to perform this very specific convoluted sequence to read the code. After you perform the sequence, it would flash this light a number of times, indicating the error number.
I suspect your year has that feature as well.

Let me ask google.
What are your mechanical abilities?

Edit: Asked google and found a post on a UK subaru board that looks familiar
// snip - the following is the actual post:
A flashing POWER light does indeed indicate a fault condition in the automatic gearbox. You can read the fault codes without Subaru's code reader though, as it will flash the codes out on the POWER light once it's in diagnostics mode, similar to the codes on the Check Engine light for engine ECU fault codes.

To put it in diagnostics mode (I've never done this by the way, it's from the workshop manual):

1) Warm-up the engine.
2) Turn ignition switch to OFF.
3) Turn ignition switch to ON.
4) Start the engine.
5) Drive vehicle at speeds greater than 20 km/
h (12 MPH).
6) Stop vehicle.
7) Brake pedal depressed and move select
lever to 1 range.
8) Turn ignition switch to OFF.
9) Turn ignition switch to ON.
10)Move select lever 2 range.
11)Move select lever 1 range.
12)Move select lever 2 range.
13)Move select lever 3 range.
14)Move select lever D range.

Steps 1-6 are really to ensure that the gearbox is fully warmed up and all its self checks have completed before you start.
// end snip.

edit 2: I forgot to post what these codes mean.
More cut and paste from that UK Subaru thread, added for completeness sake:

// snip
This the list from the Gen 3 manual:

11 Engine speed signal
23 Mass air flow signal (TURBO model)
27 ATF temperature sensor
31 Throttle position sensor
33 Front vehicle speed sensor
36 Torque converter turbine speed sensor
38 Torque control signal
45 Intake manifold pressure signal (Non-TURBO model)
71 Shift solenoid 1
72 Shift solenoid 2
73 Low clutch timing solenoid
74 2-4 brake timing solenoid
75 Line pressure duty solenoid
76 2-4 brake duty solenoid
77 Lock-up duty solenoid
78 SPORT shift solenoid
79 Transfer duty solenoid
86 VDC communication signal
93 Rear vehicle speed sensor
// end snip

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Thank you so much, my mechanical knowledge is limited, however I like to learn. Will speak to the mechanic whom is coming this weekend and see what he thinks, I just hope its OK to drive for a couple of days
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