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just posting to to see if anyone has insight in to this

during spring break (roughly 18k miles) my 08 forester 2.5's temp needle was at 2/3 under constant cruise on a road trip .. after dropping out of cruise it returned to a normal temp

I took it in to the dealer who claims he did a leak down test and said it was a bubble in the coolant system because the coolant was low (it was filled just before the trip)

fast forward 600 miles later the coolant is empty again so i take it back to the dealer
now it has leak-down issues between 5-10% in all 4 cylinders
they pull the motor resurface the heads, supposedly only .04 out of true

i drive it home.. in a single heat cycle it has sucked the coolant over flow dry .. called the dealer friday at 4:55 they say that it is normal ..

any way i filled it up did another heat cycle, its half empty again

any thoughts?
is it strange that both gaskets went bad, the car never over heated that i know of

could it be a bad block

the car has made hot smells (ala buring coolant) since it was new


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2 bad head gaskets low milage - NASIOC

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I will give you the same answer I gave over there.

It is under warranty open a case with SOA, 1-800-SUBARU-3 and at least get everything documented.

As far as only being .04 out of true. Is that .04mm or .04"? Big difference between .04mm(.00157") and .04". Either way .00157" is still at the upper end of Subarus flatness spec.

I would venture to take a guess that when the dealership did the HG they topped off the cooling system they could have failed to bleed the air out, reconnect the coolant lines at the throttlebody....

A pressure test of the cooling system and a leak down test could point you to where things went wrong, but I would start a case with SOA first.

Personally I would get it on record with SOA first, then rebleed the cooling system, while looking for any traces of where the coolant is going.
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