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OK guys so heres a strange thing. Its actually in a legacy, with a 2.5 sohc. this car came to me with a failed timing belt tensioner rattling away. but its was running freaking great. what I did not understand is that the timing marks for the cams were both off about 30 degrees advanced. Yes I should have taken pictures but I did not. anyhow we replaced the tensioner and the lined up the timing marks in the correct,factory settings order and now the son of a ***** does not want to start. what the hell could possibly be wrong. Before anyone asks, yes I do have a lot of experience with many many different types of timing components from all different companies. vw,bmw,ford nissan, honda,chevy caterpillar, cummins,volvo,mitsubishi,hyundai, whatever you name it, ive probably done one or two or a **** load. the timing makrs are correct as per Mitchell on demand instructions. also Ive visited many different forums and pages that all indicate the same pictures and the same timing mark settings needed for correct operation.Ive watched all the youtube videos with no avail. any ideas?
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