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Okay. Well after plenty of drinks with a local engine builder we got on the topic of my forester. Somehow we got on the topic of rebuilding my engine if it let go. He said he would love to bore it and turn it into 2.7L motor. Said he could get it done for around 4000-4500 as long as I represented his company on the side of my foz. Wondering if that would be a decent deal (parts included in price and likely an 81 stroker kit)?

Also wondering what benefits or cons there would be to such a scenerio?

Right now this is all theoretical unless my motor lets go
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2004 R6 SOHC 3.0L 6 cylinder boosted.. Had I known about this option I never would of waited my time on a 257....... You can find this engine for around 800.00-1000.00 and for the money I spent on a built 257 I could of gotten 700hp capable.:tissue:
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