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Hi My name is Howard. Just purchased my first Subaru. 2019 Forester Touring. Trying to learn all the bells and whistles. A lot different from the CRV. Love the car except for Android Auto App. Worked fine for first 2 weeks. Then stopped. Could not get it to go. Changed USB cables, deleted app on phone 2 times. Nothing. Stopped at dealer. He deleted phone and reinstalled. Same thing. Was driving the other day and received a phone call. No problem. As soon as I hung up WAZE popped up on my screen (has phone plugged on and was using WAZE). Great. Problem solved. Wrong. Back to square 1. I guess I will bring it back to the dealer again. Other than that it is a great car.

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Since it is becoming a tech- mobile I would suggest ready the voluminous manuals. Welcome to the Subaru family.

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