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Hi. I have a 1999 Subaru Forester automatic. When I start the car and push on the brake pedal, I can push the button in on my shifter and can move the shifter from Park into Drive (as usual) - works normal. Once I am in Drive, with the brake pedal pressed in, I can't press the shifter button in. As a result, I can't easily switch the car from Drive back to Reverse or back to Park.
If I lean the shifter up or back just a bit, or move to 3rd gear and try again, the button will eventually go in with a little finagling, and then I can move the shifter to Reverse or Park. I read about the shift lock release, and was able to remove the big plastic piece covering the emergency brake, and then the big plastic covering the shifter to access the shift lock release. Pressing on the shift lock release did not allow the button to go in.
Since the shifter button works fine when moving out of Park, what would the problem be? Is there something in the shifter handle itself that could be loose/broken that is keeping me from being able to shift from Drive back to Reverse/Park. Note also that I have the same issue if the car is in neutral (i.e. can't push the button in).
I have thought about removing the shifter handle (looks like it's just held on via 2 screws), but am worried that something will fall apart when I pull it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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