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1999 - Shifter bushings fell out of car while driving (picture) - SOS! - SOLVED!

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I am such an idiot.... I recently changed out my shifter linkage bushings on my SF5. Everything was great until tonight, when with a sudden thud I was completely unable to get into any gears except for first. Only swapped out the shifter bushings last week, and sure enough I must have forgotten to tighten a bolt because the part that holds the bushing in is just gone.

Here's a picture of the actual part I'm looking for in my Foz, took this before I did the install:

It's that stupid little metal plate that holds the bushings in. These are the bushings I'm talking about, if anyone still doesn't know: COBB Tuning - Subaru 5-Speed Front Shifter Bushing

If anybody knows that nut size pictured there, that would be helpful too.. Feel free to relentlessly mock me in the replies, and if anyone in LA needs one single side of a Whiteline shifter bushing let me know, lol
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In case anyone else needs it, 35017AA002
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