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I have now a 201 but due to the lost horses over the years I’m looking for an power increase, and have found a 251 locally for a good price.
Has anyone done a swap from a ej201 to an ej251?
Is it hard or easy or not worth doing?
Foz is used for all things, driving, hauling, light to mid off-roading
Or y’all have a better offer for an swap..?

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@Mencis_here ^^^^ What he said, agree with what TMX stated about the EJ25. Head gaskets, head gaskets, head gaskets. If I was you I would NOT move to an EJ251, you're gaining some power increase, but not worth the effort you're going to incur with the changeover.

You're going to need the ECU for the EJ251 and who knows what else. Getting the EJ251 engine alone is not enough. If you do decide to keep your EJ201 ECU then you're going to have to transfer sensors, crank and cam pullies, etc.....your ECU is going to be looking for stuff the EJ251 may not have.

Honestly you're better off investigating and maybe doing a rebuild of the EJ201 vs trying to put in an EJ251.

I have now had the Head Gasket work on my EJ251 done twice on my 2001 Forester, once at 120,000 miles by the dealer. These did not even last 100,000 miles. They were leaking again around the 180,000-200,000 mile mark. I ended up having a non-dealer shop install Turbo MLS Head Gaskets around the 212,000 mile mark. The vehicle now has 230,000 miles and so far so good, no signs of leaks.

Good luck.
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