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Currently in the process of building a 1998 Forester SF I Picked up for a few hundred bucks, and despite sitting for 3 years, the body and frame are rust free... Most of the parts need replaced though including the motor which has a blown head gasket and other serious issues. I am ordering a JDM engine with ~50,000 miles and doing a full gasket and seals kit before installing.

My questions are below, but if anyone can chime in on the biggest issue I was having which I will lost at the end of the post, that would also be much appreciated.

▪︎My first question pertains to front swaybar and unequal length headers:

I am purchasing these unequal length headers:

And am looking to get a 21 or 22mm front swaybar, but cannot find any info in which ones will fit with the unequal length headers.

▪︎Will the 2002-2007 WRX/STI 19mm rear swaybar fit if I use the 2002-2007 WRX wagon white line endlinks ? :

▪︎I am debating purchasing the King SF lowering springs paires with kYB GR2 struts. Does anyone else run this combo? I don't want it to be slammed, but definitely a lower center of gravity, as I am use to driving my lowered wrx wagon with a plethora of suspension modifications. But definitely want it to be a smoother ride than the wrx. I heard the progressive rate King springs lend a more comfortable ride, while still stiffening up the handling a good deal.

▪︎If I install the unequal length headers, paired with the Stromung Forester SF specific exhaust (hi-flow cat pipe and non-resonated mid pipe) will I get a check engine light? I am not sure where the O2 sensors are located on the SF exhaust.

▪︎If I decide to install fender flares, what offset wheels should I go with to bring them out more flush with the flare? Also do the 2002 wrx wheels fit ?

My big non-suspension related issue:
Before I pulled the motor, the ABS light would randomly start flashing while driving, and would engage the ABS/ brakes while I was driving. Sometimes engaging the brakes would make it go away, sometimes not. Sometimes it would only do seemingly in a specific gear. Sometimes only when I hit the brakes it would begin and not stop for awhile. That issue happened relentlessly until I was driving up a hill and was having no power even as a lowered the gear and revved high. I figured it was the brakes again stopping me, until I came to a stop and stalled. And could barely get the motor running again without stepping on the throttle and with zero power once I did. Hopefully the 2 issues were unrelated.
But could the ABS issue just be a bad sensor? My speedometer was not working at all.

Thanks for any input in advance.
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