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1998 - Odd stain (picture) on cargo liner?

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So my 98 came with the OEM rubber cargo liner and it's had this weird grey/white stain on it that k
eeps coming back. I've tried cleaning it with a dawn dish soap/water mixture, degreaser, rubbing alcohol, and straight water but it slowly returns after a few hours and in a few days it's back almost as bad as it was originally. The mat is better than it was when I first got the vehicle but the stain still remains and it does leave marks in the carpet and the only way to get it out of the carpet is to shampoo it again.

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Given it's a 1998 vehicle. Check on Ebay for a replacement.
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could be battery acid? maybe try baking soda? if it's through and through and staining carpet underneath, you might have to soak it for quite a while. I'm thinking replacement is a better option (as bman400 suggested)
I'll definitely give the baking soda idea a try and report back on the results.
It may be a few days so I can make sure it goes away permanently though.
why not carefully degrease it (TSP or etc.) then spray paint it flat black? (or treat it as a badge of honor, that a 25 year old car has been put to a lot of good use?)
I did use purple power degreaser on it already when I first got the vehicle. That helped with everything else except the stain in question.
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