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98 Forester L stock EJ25D automatic 4EAT
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Is there a good writeup with pictures and/or a video about how to do them on a 98? As you may know, the 98 is different from the 99+ since it has the DOHC EJ25D and the spark plugs are in a different location.

I know it's difficult, and therefore ruthenium is a must so you'll never have to do them again! They're supposed to last even longer than iridium, which itself is good for at least 100k

With ruthenium spark plugs and the Fel-Pro head gasket, you'll never have to deal with working on this difficult engine again :D

As a reminder, please be careful. where you buy your NGK spark plugs! DO NOT buy them on eBay or Amazon, as most of them are counterfeit!

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I like and have been doing most everything myself on our 98.
We paid our local shop who has much more experience than I to do that job.

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Installed them in my last build. No appreciable difference. Maybe will last longer...not sure as that wasn't something I would benefit from given how frequently I go through cars but the price difference was not that significant in the scheme of things.
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