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1998 - Hard to shift into Drive, and I got a little surprise (picture)?

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I disassembled the console to try and lube the badly rusty shifter cable, and was surprised to see that, below the shifter "box", I could see straight to the ground! Is that normal, or is something missing in my undercarriage? Also, if I buy a replacement cable and attempt the job myself, do I have to remove anything under the car to access the connection points? Finally, can I swap the cable from underneath without disassembling the console inside again? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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The shifter assembly sits in a hole in the tunnel, that's normal. It should have a rubber gasket/boot built into the bottom of it to seal things off.

I've done the cable from below before, certainly easier to remove the shifter, but that adds some work in itself....

Make sure you get the bushing where the cable meets the shifter, this is usually seized in there and a big part of your problem. 35117AG000 - Bushing Complete Select Lever. Connector Select Lever -23. 89 F-4WAT. 24- - Genuine Subaru Part

And the nut on the end of the cable is not included with the cable, FYI.
The shifter assembly has to be disassembled to separate that boot, so it may not be immediately obvious. Here's a used assembly from ebay with the boot on the bottom.
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