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I've been on the site for a little over two years and bought items from a handful of members. Since I finally found a Forester, I decided to make it official.

New to me:
1998 Forester S, w/a 5-speed and the cold weather package (heated seats/mirrors), 170K miles, ONE OWNER and bad Head Gaskets.

This will be my 1st Forester, but I've had Outbacks, Legacys and a couple of '80s GL and GL-10 Wagons. I'm upgrading from a '90 Legacy that has a full '93 Legacy turbo drive train - engine and tranny - upgrade installed by me.

I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself, as I don't take possession 'til this Sunday, but wanted to get a head start.

I've started a post in the General forum to request suggestions on what to do while getting it road-ready. (need more Posts to create a link)


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Welcome to the forum.

I have parted out 2 complete Foresters and continue to look for more and also various parts at the Pull-N-Pay yards, so I have numerous Forester parts if you need any. I also have over 30 years experience as an Auto Mechanic, most of them on Subarus.

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