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Brand spanker newbie noob here.

Picked up a Dec 1998 auto (280xxx kms) and a Dec 1999 (420xxx kms) manual for nix for farm paddock duties. Neither came with keys or fobs.
I cut the ignition lock off the steering wheel on the auto, a few switches and a push button later saw this thing running beautly. Using it for everything around the farm now, so I don't destroy my road-rego'd "good" Brumby. Half comtemplating of cutting the rear off this Forester and turning it into a ute to be more practical.

The manual Forester, ( has low-range), has the factory immobiliser. I'm wanting to by-pass this mongrel bit of hardware --- just to get it to run. Seriously, didn't Subaru ever think out of their little box 20 years ago, and stop to think that, in 20 years time that these vehicles may do other stuff than just being a thief magnet - such as being a farm vehicles, where the last thing you want is a dumb theft immobiliser in the way. The vehicle has done its job; and it has now retired, and just wants to be let free, to roam the hills around a paddock carting hay , jumping contour banks and being lifted 6" running 35's.

I found a Russian Subie site, where some dude, in his blog, was waffling on doing the same (or wanting to do the same) - Trying to bypass the immobilise of the same vintage Forester (after I converted from Russian to R-english). He had a circuit diagram of the immobiliser unit, which is identical model number, to the one that I'd trying to re-jig. His hand-writing on the circuit diagram , unfortunately is all in scribble russian, and can't decipher it.
He also had a pic showing the comparison pics side-by-side of two computers - a non-immobiliser and one with a immobiliser chip. His wiring appears to be by-passing the immobiliser chip on the circuit board of the computer. And Im happy to have a crack at putting a soldering iron on to the motherboard of a Forester computer ; this doesn't scare me in the slightest.

Both of my vehicles have their EJ20 computers on the back of the engine; rather than in the floor/footwell, or under the dash locations that all of the websites and photos indicate. The auto's gearbox computer is beside the steering column. Just wanting to add this useless bit of info., dumbo question: anyone ever had a crack at this?
I really don't want to go and spend $100 on ebay to buy a new ignition-coil-pickup/ fob/ immobiliser/ computer/ stuff.


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G'day & Welcome aboard Dave. Great question and I don't know the answer! I believe it was Aussie Design rules that dictated immobilisers had to be included in local vehicles here from a certain date and if they were easy to bypass then that would defeat the purpose :)

(Good to see another surviving Brumby; always brings a smile to my face when I see one on the road)
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