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Hi Folks,
The wife drives a 2019 Premier, purchased new. We're very happy with it.
Currently 30k km.

Offer from dealer to purchase extended warranty.
I know it's a gamble, may not need it, but adds to value of trade-in, etc.

I see on Consumer Reports that 19 had some moderate repair history.

Can anyone offer any advice on the reliability of this series? I can imagine the fancy gadgets / eyesight, etc. are crazy expensive to repair. Her previous Kia Sportage stereo failed and was $1000 for the deck and $1500 for the amp. Only problem the vehicle ever had, and also the reason we are driving the new Subie. I previously drove a 2010 XT for 248k km.

If there is another thread I should be in for researching reliability, I appreciate any redirections.

Cheers and many thanks from Edmonton, Canada!

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Negotiate the cost down to say 2/3 the advertised cost. Subaru is a complicated vehicle with lots of electronics. Its peace of mind and even if you use only 50% of the extended warranty you got that peace of mind at a 50% discount.
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