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18G Upgrade, Suggestions?

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Hey everyone, so I am planning to upgrade my turbo to a TD05-18G 8cm from Kinugawa. Currently I have a Cobb DP and Invidia Q300 CBE and was hoping for some suggestions or feedback on my plans for my power modifications.

I plan on going with:
DW65 fuel pump
ID1000 injectors
Cobb SF intake with heatbox (maybe, depends on my ability to grab one from a buddy of mine)
And of course a good pro-tune

Any suggestions, feedback, what would you do differently? Thanks!
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Oh dear, I thought my upgrade path was clear: VF52, now I'm not so sure.

It looks like I'll have to have a chat with Ray to see what he feels is best for me.
Spray some soapy water on the area you think is leaking. The bubbles should help you localise the problem.
What about a smoke test? I've got no idea how to do one myself though. I've read in the past that soapy bubbles and smoke are ways to track down leaks.

Also, what's Ray said?

I'm following your build with much interest as I will be upgrading to a VF52 in the Spring. I hope it is an easy fix and you don't have to remove it.
which ones should I do then? He hasn't mentioned getting rid of certain things after a couple weeks of tunes
Really! He must like you then because he was on my case (in a good way) when I logged too many :chair:

This is what I log using Romraider:

  • A/F Correction #1 (%)
  • A/F Learning #1 (%)
  • A/F Sensor #1 (AFR)
  • Engine Load (Calculated) (g/rev)
  • Engine Speed (rpm)
  • Feedback Knock Correction (1-byte)** (degrees)
  • Fine Learning Knock Correction (degrees)
  • IAM (multiplier)
  • Ignition Total Timing (degrees)
  • Injector Duty Cycle (%)
  • Manifold Relative Pressure (psi)
  • Mass Airflow (g/s)
  • Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle (%)
  • Throttle Plate Opening Angle (2-byte)** (%)
  • Vehicle Speed (mph)
  • Phidget IK Sensor 261700:0 (AFR Gasoline)
  • Phidget IK Sensor 261700:1 (Pressure PSI)
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