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18G Upgrade, Suggestions?

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Hey everyone, so I am planning to upgrade my turbo to a TD05-18G 8cm from Kinugawa. Currently I have a Cobb DP and Invidia Q300 CBE and was hoping for some suggestions or feedback on my plans for my power modifications.

I plan on going with:
DW65 fuel pump
ID1000 injectors
Cobb SF intake with heatbox (maybe, depends on my ability to grab one from a buddy of mine)
And of course a good pro-tune

Any suggestions, feedback, what would you do differently? Thanks!
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now you guys got me wondering if i should do vf52 or H 20g

i'm gonna stay on california 91octane :eek:

where is the link to the nasioc group buy? !
can't go wrong with either ;)

But I'm thinking I should have gone straight to a 20G lol
Once I get everything installed though, I doubt I'll regret anything haha
sell me your 18G then and buy the 20G ;)
:Banane35: i'm just over in dublin !
This is there crazy black friday sale Steam Turbocharger

This is the normal group buy Search results for: 'nasioc'
well damn. my car is my DD and i don't want the crazy power you two run :p

should i go ahead and get that 18g from that groupbuy? or contact ray?

which one do i choose?
3" Anti-Surge SUBARU STI TD05H 18G
2.4" SUBARU WRX 2008+ TD05H 18G

Turbine Housing Porting +$75.00
Twin Scroll Version +$35.00

what else should i also upgrade with it? unless i don't "need" extra upgrades to save money. there are discounts on rallyspordirect right now.
perrin inlet and the cheaper cnt tmic? cobb intake? i already have ebcs and DP $165.75 $203.20 $459 $499

will my invidia DP to SPT be fine, or should i put my q300 back on?
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wudabum, let me know when you do your install :) i've never done a turbo install and would like to check it out, or help if possible :)
Make sure you get the 2.4" inlet and not 3 inch unless you plan on buying an adapter or bigger inlet. 8cm housing.
this one? Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose Black Subaru WRX 2008-2014 / Legacy GT 2005-2009 / Forester XT 2009-2012 PSP-INT-421BK at

and turbo is 2.4" SUBARU WRX 2008+ TD05H 18G

what about these turbo options?
Turbine Housing Porting +$75.00
Twin Scroll Version +$35.00

*Hot Side Size

7cm (n/a for twin scroll)
8cm (n/a for twin scroll)
10cm (twin scroll only)

what about getting the 3" Anti-Surge SUBARU STI TD05H 18G ?
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I would do the 8cm and port it and make sure you do the 08+ wrx fitment

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cool thanks :)

but no twin scroll or billet wheel? :eek:

i'm gonna email them about their shipping cause it says $50, but then there is a graphic on the right side saying free shipping over $200
I would ask ray about the other stuff his prices may be better then there Black Friday sale. The cnt top mount is the same as the fms and is the process west knockoff

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yeah, i'm going to email him today. just hope he gets back before tomorrow night when the sale on all those items ends :eek:
No twin scroll as you will need a different header and downpipe but I would do the billet wheel if you got the extra money.

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cool. i emailed ray that list of things to buy that i posted

hopefully he gets back to me before tomorrow night when the sales are over! :Banane17: i asked him if i should order the sale items or if he might be able to do a discount bundle

now the only problem is, getting local help for install :O
hey guys, i emailed steamspeed, which is the website selling the kinugaway turbo as the nasioc group buy for $749, they said the GB is over but they'd honor the price since it's still listed on the website.

its' $749
+$75 porting
+$175 billet wheel
+$50 shipping

they also replied
We have moved on to offer our own Steam branded turbos. They are made with
the same quality parts and manufacturing from our Taiwanese suppliers, but
we aim to provide better customer service.

Here is our new GB:
SteamSpeed Garrett Hybrid Turbocharger Group Buy - NASIOC

FYI: If you want a JB 18g, we can do it for the same JB price listed in that
GB ($800 + $25 shipping) and it comes with the billet compressor wheel and
the 9-blade turbine.

what do you think? get the kinugawa or the JB 18G which has the billet wheel and 9 blade for $825?
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I would get the journal bearing Gtx2863r over the kinugawa as it has the nicer 9 blade turbine and gtx compressor.

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ok, i'm a bit confused at the selection! :Banane35:

he said "If you want a JB 18g, we can do it for the same JB price listed in that
GB ($800 + $25 shipping) and it comes with the billet compressor wheel and
the 9-blade turbine."

SteamSpeed Garrett Hybrid Turbocharger Group Buy - NASIOC

he said in the email the 9 blade 18g, which in that thread says under the Ball Bearing section $1200, but he said he'd do $800 for me?

that would be the Steam GTX28+18G for WRX STI on his page right?
Steam Turbocharger

also his site lists:
Steam TD05H+2863 for WRX STI
Steam TD05H+2867 for WRX STI
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Yeah, I'm a bit confused as well after reading the NASIOC thread and then looking at the steamspeed site, but nonetheless, i'm pretty excited to see what you get
i wondering if he's offering me the 18G at the TDO5 price? hopefully nate or Superacerc know!
if so i'm going to email the guy back today and make a purchase!
No he is offering you the turbo i mentioned the gtx2863r which is a 18g with a billet compressor and 9 blade turbine that retails for $825 but will give it to you for the black friday $800 price. The ball bearing turbos are on sale for 1200 which is also a good deal but i feel the gtx2863 is the better deal hands down and will be more then enough on a 91 oct pump gas tune.
what is the "r" ?
i see it listed as "Steam TD05H+2863 for WRX STI " with no r

what confuses me is the 2863 says "MHI style centers with Garrett GTX style 11-blade compressors" , not 9 blade

hopefully last questions! which style?
*Compressor Cover Style
Stock LGT Style (N/A for BB hybrids)
Stock STI Style

+porting $75
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Just as a heads up to you guys, that cobb intake even with the box is very loud. While it is fun to have, it sometimes can be annoying. Like when your trying to have a quiet conversation in the car, makes it more difficult.

Everything else looks good though. Figured I'd throw a heads up.
what other intake do you suggest? :Banane08:
Don't worry about the r you want to port it and 8cm and done.

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i'm still hella confused at what he is offering me

Steam GTX28+18G for WRX STI is ball bearing 9 blade $1200

Steam TD05H+2863 for WRX STI is JB 11 blade

you are confusing the crap outta me saying one model then saying a different blade number!

i need to know this without confusion.........

his email said he's offering me JB 9 blade for $800 , but the nasioc link says JB is 11 blade....
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in post 16 I think he clarified saying the JB is the MHI housing which is 9 blades
but nate said above to get the GTX2863R 9 blade

but the nasioc post says "Garrett GTX 11-blade compressor flow rates*:
43 lbs/min - GTX2863R"

much confusion. i just want to be 100% clear what to get.

seems the model # and blade #'s are all mixed up
Here, ill unconfuse you.

There are two sets of blades. Compressor blades and turbine blades. Both are on the same turbo. Turbine is exhaust side and compressor is intake side. The gtx has 9 blade turbine and 11 blade compressor.

The 2863 flows like a mix between 18g and 20g but calling it 18g isnt correct because 18g is mitsubishi heavy industries terminology. 2863 is proper Garrett terminology.
thanks. that helped a ton. :Banane35:

i emailed the sales guy back so we'll see what he says. if the GTX2863R is $800+25 i'll get it from him
Dont forget you need legacy gt/08wrx fitment unless you have a process west intercooler or are buying one of the cnt or fast motorsports copies.
ray emailed me and said "i'll get you an FMS tmic"
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