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2018 Subaru Forester XT CVT
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Howdy folks,

A quick question for you Subaru knowledgable folks re a/c on my 2018 Subaru XT.

I have noticed that when I push the a/c mode button to blow cold a/c airflow on my legs (either in the mode for air flow on legs AND face, or JUST legs) I get barely any air going on my legs.

In other words, I'd like for cold air to get to the lower surface of the car, but it's not blowing hardly anything down there, even when I set the blower to max.

Having said that, when air is blowing just to my face, it's fine, and typically even more than fine. But I just can't get my lower body to feel comfortable.

This happens in both highway and city driving, and with the air set to re-circulate inside the car (because I live in the stinky exhaust city) or not.

Any idea what might be going on?

Thanks so much!
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