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05 FXT's 05 IPT 4eat/ 05 w/ 08 sport conversion JDM STI Forester swapped
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Hello, fellow forum members! So, you've seen the Baja and the Forester's..

Time for something a little different???

My son's bday is in May.. Started getting his 04 FXT around and realized it sat too long with crap in the rockers. They are toast!

So, time to give something different, a shot.. Draw some interest, for sale or trade.

Here it is! 96 Impreza... RS front clip.. Manual transmission... Coupe...13k$... 243k miles

RS rear seats.

Sparco detachable wheel..


Battery relocation.. (yes, I have the trunk carpet)

"Ok, ok.. That's all great and all, but what's it look like, underneath????"

I'm glad you asked!

LGT brakes..

Not bad for the clock saying it's just shy of a quarter million miles, right!?

"Wait, what?? Quarter million miles!?"

Motor only has 23k miles since refresh! Chain, tensioner, gasket seal, etc...
Clutch is a Exedy HD, for a WRX...

" huh? Timing chains? HD clutch? For what!?"

Ooohhh.. ooops....

The heart!

I have a STI Forester, turbo swapped RS, etc, etc... This thing is a Blast!!!

Too many toys for me and have to get my son a car, isn't in the books.. So...

I'm interested in trades or sale. Trade plus cash, whatever..

FXT's of all kinds! Clean non running Forester shell, to swap my son's car into? Newer N/A? Legacy 3.6R?
Anything Subaru, really!
Maybe something for me and I'll tone down my silver FXT, for him and keep what you offer?

Pm or Gmail... Troywinner3455 "at"

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