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I bought my '17 Touring 2.5 in April of 2017 in May of 2018 (over memorial day weekend) the battery went dead - tested as a bad cell.. I replaced it myself with a Walmart 35N battery..

It doesnt get run much and then its usually short local trips since then. But no starting issues.

This week it would not start for my wife.. But it started for me later that day.. I let it run for 45 mins and then took it for a testdrive and it started right back up twice..

Then i got home and was unloading stuff (door and hatch open) for about 30 min and then it would not start again.. put a charger on it and it showed charged.. I bought a battery tester today and it showed 'weak' under load..

Walmart tested it and found a dead cell and will replace it under warranty..

I know there is a TSB 11-175-17 that may apply to my vehicle.. But would the vehicle be causing the batteries to go bad or am i just getting unlucky with batteries..

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