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17 2.5i front bumper cover removal

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Hi everyone! I don’t think I’ve actually ever posted, but I’ve been a member for a long time, on my second Forester now. Yesterday, my wife managed to somehow spin it out in the snow, and slide the front bumper down a guardrail. Thankfully she was fine, and no sheet metal damage.

So I ordered a used cover in the right color, the actual bumper that’s hidden, and the brackets. While I’m waiting for all that to show up, I wanted to familiarize myself with removing the bumper cover and I can’t really find much. I did find a post with the directions for the sport grille install, but the pics look like an XT, and I wasn’t sure the 2.5i would be the same. I’m most concerned with the joint to the fenders and under the lights.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Not sure if you find this one to be helpful...
Thanks for the vid! It seems like everyone is only working on XTs, but it’s probably close enough. No one ever shows what it looks like when they take apart the fender to bumper cover connections. I’m curious about that, and hopefully I won’t wreck anything when I take mine apart.
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