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15 inch wheels on my 2017 fozy base model

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Hello, I noticed when on forest service roads the occasional rocks and ruts can be a little jarring. I’m thinking that getting more tire wall can soften it a little, maybe take the edge off the bump. So my thoughts are 15 inch wheels with thicker tires such that I might gain an inch or less in clearance overall. Does anyone have this setup? Do they fit without modification? I hear the brakes might get in the way. What tires wheels can do this for me and is it softer on roads like forest service roads?

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Brake calipers may be a problem. Method Racing makes some thin walled rally style wheels, would be your safest bet. I think some of the Crosstrekers use. Forester brakes may or may not be even larger than crosstrek though...

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^ yes. OEM 15s won't fit. I just reviewed a post this morning where someone had put enkei 16s 45mm offset on an MY'18; review this thread:

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I have 16'' from an older Forester (the full size steel wheel) with 215/70-16 tires. It definitely helps absorb bumps and stuff on gravel and dirt.
Most 16's will barely clear, no luck with 15's unless they are special racing ones etc.

Going slightly oversize with 16's could be quite decent upgrade.. esp if you wanted different type of tires such as All-terrain.
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