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2015 Forester 2.5i
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Hello all,
I picked up my 2015 2.5i premium QBP a couple of weeks ago.
I come from a land nearby. I previously owned a 2009 Legacy 2.5i SE. I purchased that with 44k miles in 2011 and had it till 164k and she served me well. Not enjoying the required engine removal every 90k miles for head gasket service and it needing to be done soon, I decided to refresh my ride. Deciding between the Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4 and Subaru Forester was very difficult. In the end, the ease of working on the Forester, the higher ground clearance, and cargo space of the forester won out when this blue beauty showed up. 60k on the odo. During the test drive, I noted a slight humming and assumed it was just the cheap tires that were slapped on the foz before the trade in. I now assume it is a wheel bearing and will have to do some good ole fashion mechanic work to get her to the silence and mechanical perfection I strive for in all my vehicles.
I am an ex-ASE master mechanic who now works for the government. So I have all of my 15 years of wrenching experience at many of your disposal. I still have many of my tools except my air tools. As I still work in the field on the lowest scale I do not "enjoy" wrenching on cars but I will do it if friends or family need it. Personally I prefer video games and hanging out with my >1 yo son. That being more than you should know about me, let's talk about the car some more.
The plans.
As far as what I usually do, I am a simple cosmetics person. I have no delusions of turning my ride into a rock crawler or a road rocket but enjoy a visually appealing vehicle.
Luckily my rims from my Legacy have the same offset and bolt pattern as the forester, so as soon as I find a good set of 225/55r18 tires and replace the TPMS sensors, my satin black Sparco Asseto Gara rims will be on there.
Next is the front facia. My desire is to darken the front. I have not seen fully blacked out headlights but I have seen the OEM headlights with the black trim. So, I will likely have those. Then comes the bumper. I know the XT bumper from 14 till 18 will fit and am scouring for a take off that is color matched. If that doesn't come around in the next year or so I will simply order one and have it painted. I will probably go with the matte black grille. I have played with Plasti dip in the past and have had great and horrible results. I am going to purchase one and swap instead of wrap or paint.
Still on the fence about some other cosmetics. I want darker taillights. I have seen the LED blacked out taillights and am very unsure if it is the style I am looking for. I previously did lamin-x overlays on my Legacy, but they are not available for my model :(.
Well, I will try to keep this updated as I go along. Strangely I dont even have a picture of my car on my phone yet, but will try to get one eventually.
Thanks for lookin.

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Welcome to the forums @Blackandblue15.

You'll find a lot of good resources here on the forums. Our search engine is fairly decent when researching any quibbles you may have with your new to you Forester.



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