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I am not near my vehicle due to traveling for work... So I don't have exact mileage numbers...

I purchased my forester from a Subaru dealership. It was leased and recently returned due to end of the lease when I picked it up.(27k miles) A few months later I moved across the country for college. Towards the end of that trip the check oil came on about 250 miles away from my final destination. I finished my trip and got an oil change the next day. I believe I was 6500 miles from the last oil change. The dealership I got the oil change at informed me that I need to pay more attention to my oil levels because it was almost empty. The next time around I made sure to bring in my vehicle at the recommended miles. Once again the low oil light came on about 75 miles before my destination(I was visiting a friend planning to get an oil change the next morning). I finished traveling to my destination and got my oil change the next day.(nothing was said by the mechanic. just noting the check oil light came on again) The last oil change I did was once again at 5000. This time I drove back across the country because i finished college. prior to this oil change, the low oil light came on again. I've heard that with the new synthetic oil you dont need to perform an oil change every 5000 but can push it to 10k+. Obviously I dont have this option due to my oil levels becoming low around the 5000 mark. My question is for the community. Is it normal for the check oil light to come on for my foresters engine around 5000 miles after an oil change? Is it programmed to come on automatically once you hit that mark? Do I potentially have an oil burning or leaking issue? Thanks for the input. I am currently sitting at 48,500 miles on my car. next oil change is due to happen around 53000. I am keeping an eye on this to see if it happens again.
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