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Take a look at the attached link which identifies the terms of the oil use settlement.
Subaru Oil Use Class Action Lawsuit
With your car being a 2015, it would be covered under that litigation if it is a MANUAL transmission 2015 with a VIN under 543650.
If the above does not apply, and even without an extended warranty, the car may be covered under the 50K powertrain warranty.
While it's debatable whether a couple of quarts in 6500 miles is "excessive" (there are some cars worse, like BMW's) in any case, as others have mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring your engine doesn't run out of oil, and it's a better idea to verify it yourself than counting on an idiot light..
As far as what to do, you can discuss the issue with a dealer or call Subie Corporate.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts