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2018 Forester XT
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All parts off my 2018 Forester XT which is soon to be sold. I have a lot of extra exterior parts which look flawless for being a year old, but my insurance company replaced due to a claim.
Local pickup preferred (Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan) or I will ship at your expense. Lmk if you need more photos. If I dont respond to a PM after 2 days just text, 248.464.455FIVE

2018 Forester XT-------------Part------------Part#---------Price

Used <5k----Mishimoto WRX/SJ trans cooler------$220 Comes with (the super difficult to find) Forester trans fluid too
Used <1 year---Roof Rail Leff------------91151SG010---$230
Used <1 year---Roof Rail Right-----------91151SG020--$230
Used <1 year---Front Grille assy center-91121SG260---$75
Used <1 year---Grille assy F LWRHG----91121SG280---$180
Used <1 year---Grille---------------------91121SG211---$75
Used <1 year---Cowl Panel assy LHD----91419SG011---$70
New------Black AC Side Vent AY SDRH--66110VA040----$35
New------Black AC side Vent AY SDLH---66110VA050----$35
New----------Levorg HID Chameleon Fogs------------$450
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Not open for further replies.