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2014 Forester Manual Trans - the only way to go!!!!!
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Has anybody successfully removed the little white plastic "nuts" that hold the license plate screws that came from the factory on a '14 forester? (referring to the ones on the rear hatch to hold the rear license plate)

I've had 2 license plates stolen off my car over the years and was going to try a set of "security" screws but the shank diameter is twice as thick as the screws the dealer used to attach their license plate frame holder and will not seat into the white plastic "nuts".

The kit i picked up has new inserts with a proper diameter hole for the new screws - I've been unable to remove the existing ones. Next step is to grab the 'ol power drill but I thought it be wiser to check with the community first.

If i can't change them out - I'll VHB the license plate to the car and just use the screws that came with the dealer frame...

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