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+14 Forester Nav/ENT system software?

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Hi all, I'm in need of some help here. I'm active duty and just transferred from San Diego to Rota, Spain and brought our 2014 Forester with us. Well, during the vehicle shipment, our SD card for the Nav/ent system became "lost". Not such a big deal since we only had US maps and the entertainment system still worked. However, the battery in the car died after my 2 year old turned on a dome light and we didn't notice. This caused the Nav/Ent system to display "Program loading necessary. Insert SD card. Error 602002". I have contacted the Subaru dealer about it and bought a new SD card with maps after being told it would correct the problem because it would have the software I needed on it. This is NOT the case... Subaru HQ in the US then wrote me back and stated I HAD to take the car in to a US dealer to get it reloaded. That won't happen for another 3 years because that's how long my tour in Spain is.
Does anyone know how and where I can get this software and load it myself? Driving with no radio is starting to make us crazy lol. I really don't know anything about installing an after market navigation and radio and would prefer to not have to try and do that by myself as there isn't anyplace like an car audio place out here. Please help! Thanks.
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Can't you go to a dealership in spain and get it reprogrammed?
or get the headunit replaced by subaru...
I've been told I cannot because of the difference between US and EU software. They won't be compatible. And it's a 3 hour drive each way to the closest dealer that could even attempt to try it. Would hate to do this if there is an option where I can load it myself.

Can't you go to a dealership in spain and get it reprogrammed?
or get the headunit replaced by subaru...
Don't know if this would work, but possibly worth a shot. May be quite a bit more time without the radio, but may help in the long run.

1. Contact the dealer you bought the car from. Tell him your situation, and emphasize the Active Duty part. Hopefully they would be willing to help our service members.

2. Ask if your radio could be sent to their dealership (include the SD card).

3. Ask if they could throw it in ANY compatible car on their lot and program it for you. The radio is NOT tied to a specific car so that shouldn't be an issue. Offer to pay shipping both ways of course.

Tricky part: I would assume the radio (being programmed in the states with the SD card) could be left "un-powered" for the return shipment to you in Spain. Obviously, verify this.

It may take a week (each way) and another day or two at the dealership, but it could work.

Taking the radio out is very easy. Remove the bezel, unscrew 4 screws, disconnect connecters and you are done.

Anyway, just a thought.
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At this point, I don't see what you have to lose if you try following these service procedures for loading the recent nav software upgrade. This particular version was for Legacy/Outback, but it should be the same for Forester. The procedure may or may not work - either it reloads things or it doesn't. It shouldn't hurt anything if it fails to load.


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