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I ran stock rims w/ Yokahama GO15 AT's (225/65R17) for this last season before going to my studded same size tires;
I am keeping my stock rims for/ with my winter studded tires for full swap out's w/ my new (Still to be selected) likely
16" Rally rims and off road tires..

I need input on the perfect rim and tire set ups in your opinions..
I have considered just dropping my rim size to 16" w/ slightly wider (7.5") rims and duplicating the O.D., offset and width
which is about a 245/70R16 on 16x7.5 +48 rims..

Anyone think there's a better idea?

My '14 2.5i Limited has a Primitive Racing 1.5" lift and progressive springs and my Geolander Yoka, 225/65R17's worked well and never rubbed but are close, and I want/ need more aggressive tread for here in the mud and volcanic shale, etc..


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2014 2.5i Limited CVT
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Looks "AWDsome"...! How have those Yoko's held up? And what kind of trade off in sound and ride did you notice?

Same year n model. Looking at a smaller 1" lift but want a good AT tire that won't wear out after 2 years and won't sound like a freight train going down the road...
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