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So I purchased some yellow Sylvania fogs for my 2016 Forester XT, H11 size as was recommended and from everything I've read, seemed to be the proper bulb to use. I pop out the stock ones to see H16, but figure i'm good, because they look identical. Try to install the new H11, but it just won't go in. Not quite sure what the heck the problem is. I was lining up just as i would with the old bulb, but it just wouldn't go in.

Is there a trick to get an H11 replacement bulb to fit in there? Do i have to modify the housing or bulb in any way? It just seemed like it wouldn't push in far enough to twist and it seems like my efforts to screw/force them in is wrecking the opening.

Any advise would be great as I'm currently SUPER frustrated.

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