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'11 Forester IACV Issues - low idle, wants to stall?

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Hey guys! New to the site and new to Subarus.

I have a low idle, maybe 550, and the car wants to stall when I come to full stops after 30 or so minutes of highway driving. Doesn't seem to be as big an issue on back roads, still a lower idle but no near stalls.

I'm thinking the IACV needs to be cleaned or replaced but I've been looking for the part just in case. I can't find the part anywhere online. Does anyone know if this is still only available through the dealership? Did they somehow merge it with the throttle body?

Thanks for the help!
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I don't think drive-by-wire cars have an IACV

I had a similar issue and cleaning the throttle body with MAF cleaner solved it:

2009 2.5 X Stalling - SOLVED!
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