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2014 2.5i Premium Manual
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Hello! New owner, about a month, north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Got the 2.5i Premium 6 speed. This is a car I actually look forward to driving! It's a bit different from my Civic 2-door coupe :icon_eek:, but I finally got frustrated at having to throw the bike into the trunk every time I went for a ride and how I had no room to haul stuff. Now that I'm dating someone from NH, I figured AWD might not be a bad idea. Besides, I get to put the Subie to work hauling things for the horse from the feed store.

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Greetings from Terri and Ken, Casper the horse, Gracie the Golden, and Ted the...uhhh...Ted's Ted. :smile:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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