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2009 Forester XT Limited
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I just wanted to ask a question on here and see if anyone has any ideas... Just replaced the timing belt set in my forester due to it jumping timing. Its been sitting for around 6m now due to busy work schedule. I changed everything while I had it open aka water-pump and all pulleys + belt. Got everything back together today all the fluids in it and whatnot.

Jump in and hit the key and it makes the loudest noise, I immediately key off and know what it is and it jumped timing right away. I look and the marks are all wayyyyyy off and I can see some damage to the teeth of the belt in spots. Everything spun freely before I put it together and I even spun it around by hand to make sure before I started it. Any ideas on what would cause it to keep jumping time ? 153k miles I'm the 3rd owner (2nd owner had the car for less than 6mo) I'm assuming this is the first belt put on the car but all the old pulleys were in good condition when I pulled them.

Alas stupid me pulled the bottom pulley off without securing the belt tensioner with a pin so now I gota find a press to push it back in to reassemble and figure out whats wrong. FML
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