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09-13 SH Black housing headlights

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I bought these off ebay earlier this year. They looked awesome on the car but after the first rain they both had condensation so I went back to stock. They were only on the car for about 3 months. There are some water spots inside the lenses that you can see in the attached pictures but no scratches, cracks, fading, broken tabs, etc. I'm sure they could be sealed better but I just don't want to bother with them, so I'm selling them for $100 picked up in the Bay Area. I can ship but they are fairly bulky so shipping would probably be at least 20-30 bucks, depending on where you live. Below is a link to the exact headlights I bought.

Ebay headlights (black housings, clear lenses, amber reflector)


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Bump, been looking at these for a while lol

Bump, been looking at these for a while lol
Price is negotiable ;)
@bflan2001 Best price shipped to NY?

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I just looked up pricing to ship to NY, since the box is so big shipping is $62 via USPS. UPS and Fedex wanted over $100. So I could $140 shipped to the east coast, $120 shipped to the west coast.
P.m sent

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Dry it under the sun, then buy a butyl sealer for headlights. just run the sealer around the lens and housing. problem solved
What would your price be with shipping to Germantown, WI?
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