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'09-'13 Carpet Replacement?

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I am thinking about replacing the carpet with a more durable and waterproof/resistance material such as vinyl. This type of interior was suggested by Joe Spitz, "A foul weather, camping, skier version with vinyl floor and cargo area, real mudflaps, etc."
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Replacing Carpet Questions

Has anyone done/tried?
Source of flooring?
I can find sources for some vehicles but not ours.
I want to keep the car a long time and think it would be nice to not worry about carpets. I do not like carpets and pulled them from my home and installed floating flooring.
Besides the time, effort, and expense are there any drawbacks to replacing the carpet with vinyl?
Thank you for pointing out I hadn't asked a question.
Hopefully, someone can help with these.:icon_wink:
Carpet protection

First item on my accessory list for my 2014 Premium was a set of Weathertech liners. Got them for the passenger compartment and storage area. They are laser measured for a custom fit, and have an upturned lip all around to contain any spills or liquids. I put the carpeted mats down over them except in the driver's area, since the factory mat cannot be secured on top. They look great and function quite well. Easily cleaned.
Got Them

Currently I have Weather Techs in the front and back and OE cargo mat. Clearly they help but, I am interested in not having the carpets as stuff still get on them.
pull the carpet out and use one of the roll-on/spray-on bedliner products the Jeep guys use...a couple of coats ought to do it...
twowings' suggestion is interesting.

I was thinking that pulling out the carpet and adding your vinyl of choice over the top would work too. Using your carpet as the underneath layer means you have the molded form already to go.
You can pull the carpet and then cut vinyl to size and glue it onto the carpet. I would be hesitant in removing the carpet altogether because of the increased noise in the cabin.
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