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I am having problems with steering with a load in the rear

When I have my DJ equipment in the rear which is about 200 LPs my steering is all over the place at 60 - 65 MPH. It is really bad. This car is not really an SUV. Subaru will not do anything for me.

During some of my recent trips I have noticed that when I have my dogs in the car there is a definite "sag" in the rear end. The total dog weight is 240 lbs plus other gear 150 lbs TOPS.

It also seems to bottom out going over speed bumps at relatively slow speeds. I hear a thump.

Is there a problem for the dealership to fix? if so, what do I say is the problem?

The rear suspension must be able to handle 400 lbs in the truck area???

Any advice and/or help would be appreciated.

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