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I agree with the above post. Last week, I had ~ 300 lbs of Ikea stuff in the back of my '10 X-Premium, and to say it was vastly under-damped while loaded up to even this small degree would be kind. Needless to say, I'm "in the market" for uprated dampers when the Koni's, Bilstein's, etc. of the world take an interest in this vehicle. (In fact, I offered up the use of my Forester just a few minutes ago to Koni, as I'm basically in the same geographical area that they do their R&D in ...)

As an aside (and yes, I did see the "sticky" that may address this), I did see that Koni offers front strut inserts (used in your OEM strut housings) p/n 8610 1453Sport and rear struts p/n 8010 1055Sport for the '08-'10 Impreza, including the WRX ... wonder if these would work in our '09-'10 Foresters ?!?!?!
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