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i had condensation in my peepers
like a lot of condensation
i drained about a cup of water out of each one :icon_frown:

i tolerated it until i washed it to go to a subie meet the other night and my headlights wouldn't turn on
turns out both bulbs blew at the same time, strange but true

so instead of just replacing the bulbs .... i opened two cans of worms

i unsealed the housings with a heat gun, cleaned them out, dried them out, replaced the bulbs, painted away some of the disco-ball bling with satin black, polished the lenses and resealed them
what a frikkin' pia!

like i told a buddy mid-project
unsealing and re sealing headlights is not for the anal retentive or ocd
it's a unique combination of the messiest stickiest job you'll ever perform that requires absolute clean or you fail
everytime you touch the assembly you'll have sticky gooey stuff on your fingertips
then you have to clean that finger immediately in solvent or the sticky stuff gets everywhere
you have to clean your hands about every ten seconds or suffer the consequences

then towards the end, when you've cleaned and prepped every part ten times and you go to assemble the thing, the inserts that goes in the housing will just touch part of the frame and it's got adhesive on it requiring 3 steps back, by the 4th time you do that ..... you'll wonder why on earth you started this project from heck

but after running through your entire unabridged list of expletives once or twice you'll maybe achieve moderate success, like i'm thinking i might have:



i read a lot about how important it is to seal them properly, which i tried my best to do of course
however, i hadn't realized that there are 9 holes into each of my housings, the perimeter of the lens is only one point where water can get in
there are 8 other entry possible entry points, seriously
what would be amazing is if yours don't leak, or mine don't again soon :tissue:
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