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I've been searching for 16" oem 5 blade steelies with no luck (at the price I wanna pay and local pickup, mainly the latter). I'm looking at putting on Yokohama Geolander A/T-S 215/60r17 and calling it a day. I've searched and not really found a 100% answer on will they fit with no rub/modifications needed. I'm fairly certain they will as it's not a massive change. I just want to be certain

My boat will be ready for pick up in about 7 weeks. Currently my XT sits on DGR Forester specific coil overs and stock 17" wheels. I'll be going back to stock suspension as well with plans to maybe do the Subtle 1" lift with a more comfortable suspension at some point in the future as I do put in and take out at some fairly gnarly spots when fishing.
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