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Hey All,

I've spent about an hour reading through the fitment thread and general searching but haven't figured out what I need to know yet.

I'm looking for SJ Foresters that have been converted to run '05-'07 STI BBS rims (5x114.3 et.53) using a wheel adapter/spacer. My question is regarding the adapter sizing and I'm unsure what spacing to order. As far as I've seen they're available in 15, 20, 25, higher mm in thickness but I'm wanting to get as close to flush or if not a slight poke.

*Stock height, planning on keeping it that way.

OEM Wheels
18x7 et. 48
Bridgestone Duelers - 225/55/18

Winter Setup
Motegi MR139 - 17x7.5 et. 40
Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus - 225/55/17 (slightly oversized, not flush and maybe 15-20mm to play with)

All Around Setup Want
STI BBS - 17x8 et. 53
Some combination of 235/55/17 - All season/performance rated around the same diameter as stock (27.2 vs stock 27.7").

Gut says to go with a 20mm adapter but I need some double checking from anyone who has run or knows the STI BBS (5x114.3) combination for the SJ platform.

Appreciate it.
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