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I have an '06 that has no severe issues, but the performance is "meh". I've had it since we bought it in '05. It's in much better than average condition but feels like it has lost about 30hp over the years.

I'd like to build a N/A sleeper or a turbo/supercharged version and I'd also like to drop in a manual transmission. I don't want to go through the 3-6 months of sheer budgetary living hell to try to convert it to STI or XT innards.

First question - is it even worth it to do this to an N/A vehicle? Yes, I read the white paper over at NABISCO.

I want headers and decent exhaust note. I'd be happy with 250-275hp after the build.

What's the best route? Buy a complete engine and 5MT and build it up? 6MT possible?

I guess, purchase, rip, strip, clean, and get out the mike. New rods, new slugs, port, polish, and cams. New intake and exhaust. Assume $2500-3K to do this using parts off of the forums, and send out the heads. what's next?

Again, worth it? What else would I really have to do? I mean, I know clutch pedal and cylinder, but anything else other than tuning afterward?



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Add a couple grand to your budget, when I rebuilt my WRX's engine it was closer to $4-5k (new OEM shortblock and head castings didn't help the final cost, but make everything more simple).

As far a being "worth it?"

Honestly, after having done the car thing for a while, it would be easier to find a turbo, 5MT Forester and start with that versus swapping all the turbo stuff into an N/A chassis.
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