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06 BiXenon Retrofit

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So I just finished retrofitting my Headlights with some Morimoto Mini H1 Bixenon Projectors and thought I'd share some pictures. It was very straightforward and I did all the work myself in my dorm, so you'll have to excuse the lack of elegance in some of the work, but rest assured its all sound.

Projectors Installed

Some desiccant to ensure the lights are moisture free

And all put together.

I'll get some pictures on the car and at night later, pending me taking time to aim them just right, but the light output is phenomenal and they look pretty good on the car!
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Awesome ingenuity! Whatever works, hope they turn out well. I keep saying I'm going to do this...
looks great, I need to do this bad. I have had HID headlights for the last 10 years and I miss them with the forester.
Wow great install. Thanks! Now I kno which kit to get!
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