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'06-'08 FSTI Owners: Please help with a Pic of front bumper STI stickers

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I sourced the STI front bumper stickers from Japan and I want to make sure I apply them in the exact location.

I would really appreciate it if an FSTi owner is so gracious as to snap a close-up shot. Also, if would be helpful if a measurement is provided from the molded arrow in the bumper to the sticker, I believe Subaru molded this arrow into the bumper as reference to help assembly line workers apply the sticker in the proper location, but not sure.

Thanks !
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see my gallery.

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A few more for you:


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WOW beautiful thank you !

Now the tough request, would you please help me understand the exact location by measuring A, B, C with respect to the bumper's upside-down raised molded triangle as pictured?
The red triangle pointing downward represents the upside-down triangle that is molded into the bumper.

A = Passenger Side: Distance from top of "I" to triangle
B = Distance from top of "I" to triangle
C= Driver's Side: Distance from bottom of "S" to triangle

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